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Reconnecting, Revitalizing, and Rekindling: Let's Gear Up for the Bermuda Coaching Network!

Dear Coaches and HR Leaders!


I hope this message finds you in great spirits! We're excited to share that the Bermuda Coaching Network is gearing up for an incredible revival, and we want YOU to be part of this journey!


To kickstart our efforts, we're planning a Meet & Greet networking event that promises to be an opportunity for us to reconnect, rekindle old friendships, and forge new connections. This gathering will be more than just an event; it's a celebration of growth, learning, and collective success!


Your participation and unique perspectives are vital in shaping our network into a thriving community. We're eager to reconnect with each of you and extend a warm invitation to join us for this upcoming occasion.


Stay tuned for the forthcoming details of our Meet & Greet event! We'll share the date, time, location, and exciting agenda as soon as they're confirmed.


To ensure you stay updated with the latest coaching insights, cutting-edge information, valuable resources, and exciting upcoming events, we kindly request your consent to keep you informed. As a commitment to privacy compliance, please provide us with your email address and telephone number using this link.


Rest assured, your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for network-related communication purposes, aligning perfectly with privacy laws and regulations.


Our mission is not just to meet your needs but also to foster a stronger sense of community among all members. Together, we'll support each other's growth, enrich our coaching practices, and contribute to Bermuda's collective success.


Stay tuned for updates and exciting announcements. The journey ahead promises numerous opportunities for collaboration and growth!


We're eagerly anticipating the chance to reconnect and embark on this renewed journey with you. Your presence and unique perspective will make all the difference.


Warm regards,


Jessica Lightbourne


Bermuda Coaching Network

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